Invis Product Overview

Invis_BU_Flyer_EN_NET_260809_01_Page_1_Image_0001The Invis product family has evolved over the past decade. Starting with an innovative concept of using the magnetic field to turn a fastener, Invis now features a complete set of useful solutions for various applications. In addition to the standard products featured on this site, Invis North America also develops a number of custom specific solutions for various clients in different fields, including aerospace, medical, stair and furniture markets.

New Invis MX2 System

The New Mx2 has everything you need to get started!
  • 60% higher clamping force
  • Aesthetics without compromise
  • Clamps- Invisible- Detachable

DrillKit Rasto System

The Kit comes complete with
  • a universal drill jig,
  • perforated plate,
  • reference pins,
  • drill bushings
  • and three drill bits in 5mm, 8mm and 12mm size.

PinLock System

PinLock is a simple extension pin that can be used to lock in an access panel, headliner or other cover that needs to remain removable.

Traditional Invis System

Traditional Invis Screws
If you currently own a traditional Invis tool and wish to order additional joiners or need replacement parts & accessories, you may still order them through our Invis Online Store. If you have a special application for which you need to purchase a traditional Invis Starter kit, please contact us.