Rasto System

Rasto is a universal drill jig to complement Invis Mx2 and is particularly suitable for handrails. Constantly changing shapes make gauge construction a complex and elaborate process. Rasto represents the ideal solution to this problem, with no measuring or marking. Thanks to three positioning pins that can be inserted into 180 holes, the drill jig can be mounted securely on virtually any surface. The drilled holes always align perfectly because the pin positions remain unchanged when drilling the second workpiece.

Rasto- Add On comes with:

  • 1 Transparent perforated plate
  • 4 Drill bushings 5, 8, 10, 12 mm
  • 3 Positioning bolts
  • 1 Fastening screw
  • 1 Extension rod

Rasto Drill Jig
The multifunctional drill jig enables precise and economic drilling – without measuring or marking. It is useful for various workpiece shapes and is therefore ideal for Invis and many other applications.

The first hole is drilled by positioning the Rasto plate and bushing on the workpiece with three positioning pins. The drill bushing is then screwed into the same hole on the other side of the plate. The hole on the opposing workpiece is drilled with the same setting of the pins. The pins ensure that the drill jig sits on the second work–piece precisely as it had on the first, resulting in perfectly aligned holes.

The Advantages: 

  • Quick and precise hole drilling
  • Useful for all workpiece shapes
  • No measuring or marking required
  • Ideal for exact drilling of Invis joining elements and studs
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