The New Generation Mx2 System is easier, faster, and more cost effective. The clear Minimag is 50% stronger than the original. The unique magnet-driven connection with an even higher clamping force.


INVIS Mx2 Fastener

Powerfully joined workpieces. Detachable in seconds. Completely invisible. Now with 60% higher clamping force. That is 250kg clamping force per connector. The Universal 12mm Invis Mx2 fasteners work perfectly in any wood, aluminum, composite or other non-ferrous material with a thickness of 3/4" and up.


Invisible and Detachable

Quick. Cost Effective. Compelling. Connections "invisible as if glued, versatile as if screwed". Lamello has kept true to its essence. This new improved generation is geared towards more industrial applications.

The Most Advanced Joining Solution

INVIS is a product from the inventors of the wooden biscuit joinery technique in Switzerland- Lamello AG.  This new, invisible, detachable joining system is a unique way to save time and efforts by allowing to join two parts with a completely hidden fastener, while leaving it detachable at any time. This offers almost limitless applications, using INVIS in combination with other joining techniques.

Whether you are looking for solutions to provide proprietary access, special aesthetics, knock-down installation, invisible clamping or joining dissimilar materials, INVIS can do the job. There is nothing comparable in the market and this is why the new product has won so many prestigious international awards.  We hope to include you as one of our leading innovators.

Invisible Joining Solution

Mx2 Starter Kit

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