General Applications

INVIS opens up entirely new possibilities in furniture making, kitchen construction, exhibit booths and interior architecture – without altering appearance. INVIS is always invisible. Covers are a thing of the past. A delight for the eye. INVIS introduces a new quality in furniture making, with mobility in furniture assembly now possible. Where previously finished and bulky items had to be transported, INVIS enables a knock-down advantage for on site assembly to save time and transportation costs. INVIS also helps save time when gluing is required. Instead of costly clamping devices INVIS can also be used as a “hidden thumbscrew”. Use INVIS for an elegant appearance in display case construction and service-friendly frame design.

  • Roethlisberger CabinetCabinet

    Invis makes cabinet work beautiful.  Uncompromising aesthetics and no masking caps required.  Our fasteners are completely hidden.  Easy and simple assembly and disassembly of knock down pieces.  Since it makes connections invisible, without altering appearances, INVIS opens up entirely new possibilities.

  • Table LegFurniture

    Permits easy combination of work piece materials such as wood, plastics, aluminum, chromium steel and MDF in one piece of contemporary looking furniture. Our Original Invis metric-thread joiners come in both 8mm and 12mm, for perfect connections every time.

  • Aesthetics2Panels

    Mounting panel walls becomes easy and quick with invisible, consecutive panel mounting.  Our Invis 8mm PinLocks are ideal for wall and ceiling panels, access holes for maintenance, adjustable but secured shelves, double floors or back walls, plinth connections, and infills.  Please watch the video link on this page to see how quick and easy it […]

  • Lamello BoothStore Fixtures & Exhibits
    Store Fixtures & Exhibits

    Quick assembly and dis-assembly becomes possible, making high-end store fixtures and change of configurations possible in no time.  Assembly of exhibit booths becomes hassle free and detaches easily with the actuator (Minimag).  No construction experts needed- anyone who can operate a drill will have no problem with attaching and detaching the joiners.  All you need […]

  • Stair Rails
    Stair Rails

    Use INVIS instead of  a rail bolt for invisible handrail joining.  Great for your complete Stair Case needs.  Saves labor costs and time.  Rapid and clean assembly without additional components, clamps and glue drying time. 

  • Glass CaseSpecialties

    Many other industries have used INVIS to develop their own specialty application.  Your options are limitless.  Invis opens up entirely new possibilities in architectural millwork, furniture and cabinet making, casework, store fixtures and exhibit booth manufacturing, custom closet design, staircase building and interior decorations.  Don’t let tight spaces keep you from your masterpiece- with knock […]