PinLock System

Locking Bolt PinLock

The locking bolt PinLock consists of a plastic bolt, which is in a brass bush and can be pre- and backturning. The PinLock is then pushed down in a 8 mm drill hole and is used like the other Invis products with the MiniMag to pop-out the plastic bolt.

The difference between the other Invis joiners is, that the locking bolt PinLock cannot put a strain on tensile, but on shear forces.

Aesthetic and detachable

  • Always detachable, quick and safe fastening
  • Top aesthetics – No visible connectors


  • Low cost product
  • Only the MiniMag is necessary – good start to the Invis system with low cost investment
  • Drilling are standard processing – fast in the work shop
  • Complete prefabrication is possible – minimal time of montage on site

Safe and versatile

  • Lateral tolerance in the opposite groove for easy assemble
  • For wood and wood composites
Ceiling Paneling

1. Lift the ceiling panel with the retracted PinLock up between the beams
2. Drive out the PinLock with the MiniMag* onto the metal profile
Wall Paneling

1. Insert detachable panel with retracted PinLock


2. Drive out the PinLock with the MiniMag* into the opposite groo
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