The economic benefit of INVIS
INVIS has all the advantages of a dowel connection: time-saving, simple drilling. Production and assembly is performed quickly whether in the factory or on the spot. The INVIS actuator connects and detaches conveniently from outside.

Visible rotation in the Minimag MX indicates if the connection is opening or closing. The red arrow displays the correct positioning of the cube on the work piece. Connecting JoinersIncreased tolerance enables simplified handling during installing.
MX StudBetter handling- the double threaded elements allow the installation of Mx parts straight and quickly. Insertion ToolsNo drill or bit changes are required.  The same screw bit is used for the element and the stud (mail and female). SampleThe joining element and the stud can be mounted flush for easy stacking and for a slide-in assembly.
MagnetA 50% larger magnet results in powerful clamping of the joint. MX ElementA 30mm long metal thread allows strong anchors – very useful in particleboard. Flexible ShaftFlexible shaft on the MiniMag MX: ideal angle drive, now Invis can reach the smallest corners.